More Robinson Jeffers’s treasures uncovered

A few days ago I listed a couple of the rare Robinson Jeffers’s broadsides of his poetry and promised to list more as I had the time to put the information together.  If you missed that listing, you can check here to see the first announcement. Robinson Jeffers The Humanist These broadsides were printed in the 1990’s Robinson Jeffers Sign-Post 2by Marlan Beilke who operated his Quintessence Printing Museum in Amador City, California.  The shop since has been sold.  Marlan typeset these broadsides using his old hot metal typesetting machines, the Linotype and the Ludlow.  The broadsides are unfolded and suitable for framing and come in a variety of sizes, some with colophons.

The broadside featured on the left is from “The Inhumanist” while the one to the right is “Sign-post.”


Each broadside is available for $45, with shipping in the United States included in the price.


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