Minnesota’s DEI miracle is a work to behold!

Minnesota’s news organizations have no shortage of stories to report. Renovation of the governor’s mansion in St. Paul will cost $4-5 million dollars more than budgeted, the Southwest Light Rail Line construction is four years behind schedule and sports a cost overrun of around $700 million. With the system costing almost $2.8 billion, that means that each mile of the choo-choo line will cost over $190 million. Murder rates are higher than ever, carjackings are out of control and businesses have shuttered all across the state. The downtown districts of Minneapolis and St. Paul face commercial collapse and the relatively new Twin City Light Rail lines are listed as the nation’s most dangerous. 

Are there any bright spots in the state’s news? Well, of course! With the governor’s mansion being renovated, the metro rental market got a boost when the Democrat governor and his family were to temporarily move into a $17,000 per month shack on Sunfish Lake, permitting Minnesota taxpayers to show eighteen months of appreciation for all the governor does for the state. Public outrage over the governor’s housing arrangement forced him to retreat to a more humble abode in St. Paul.

More positive news reports have featured Minnesota as a welcoming Midwest haven where minors can safely undergo gender mutilation and chemical castration procedures. Even more inspiring is the state’s education system. Though test scores are down, way down, and the number of kids who can’t read or do math at grade level is eye popping, the teachers’ union assures us Minnesota schools are racing ahead with advances in Diversity, Inclusion and Equity indoctrination programs that are guaranteed to inflame social tensions.

Welcome to Minnesota Nice! 

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