May our humanitarians pray for us

Of late, I am coming to better appreciate the full devotion Barack and Michelle Obama have shown not only for fellow Americans but also for the dispossessed  people of the world. The man guided us through reignited years of racial strife, saw to it that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of of the world’s citizens were free to escape poverty and persecution by crossing America’s southern border and how he astutely warned us of the dangers of climate chaos. His presidency was followed by years of continued devotion to keeping America’s economy humming with their family’s lucrative book deals and real estate investments. Their reported $65 million from their joint book deals should keep their heads above water for a few years while they continue to shepherd America through continuing turmoil. When he purchased his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, some suggested he was acting just like the other politicians who walked away from Washington in the upper strata of the country’s financial kingpins. But I have come to realize it was their humanitarian instincts that guided them to that ocean-front villa. Placed as it was on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, they would monitor the rising ocean levels as the glaciers melt in our boiling oceans. There, as our Distant Early Warning (DEW) system, they would sound  the alarm when the climate catastrophe finally reaches our shores so the rest of us can flee to the mountains. For our sake, they also have been burdened with maintaining the property’s pristine elegance so it’s immediately visible just how close the Atlantic Ocean is to devouring their strategic, wilderness outpost. With that in mind, even though they weren’t home at the time and their spacious residence was virtually empty, they were forced to shut their gates to illegal migrants who arrived at Martha’s Vineyard last September after a flight from Florida. The beach-front palace must not be disturbed and its coast line must remain unscarred so the dimensions of our coming Noah’s Ark experience are clearly visible. 

Never has the world experienced such humanitarians. 

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