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Henry Wilson's A Catechism of Individualism

A Catechism of Individualism by Henry Wilson

One of the reasons I got into printing way back when was because I wanted to be a publisher and the only way I could afford to be one was to become my own printer.  Actually, I’m glad I didn’t have much money because my life as a printer has been a grand experience.  But then, so too has my life as a publisher.

One of the finest rewards I have received as a printer/publisher is the people I have met along the way, people I probably would never have met any other way.

Even though I do all my own typesetting, printing and binding (sometimes I even make my own paper for select projects), this work still consumes money and, possibly even more precious, time.  There seems to be very little of the latter and with so many projects stirring around in my head I can get frustrated.  But one by one, the books I have determined to publish are coming to be.  This year, for example, I have published The Six by Rudolf Rocker, A Catechism of Individualism by Henry Wilson and, within the past week, a grand book by Frank Chodorov titled The Economics of Society, Government and State.  I will write more about this latest book in a few days.  I am still in the process of binding the book and when ready will make it available.

For those of you independent publishers, I can only encourage you to keep at your passion.  Sometimes slowly, but with work we can make the books that fascinate us.

In the meantime, I am also typesetting and printing and binding books on commission from authors wanting to have their books letterpress printed.  You see, I need a way to pay for my own publishing work.  I set the type in hot metal–no plastic plates here.  For those of you who would love to have the letterpress option for your next book, contact me and let’s see if we can make it happen.

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