Goose Stepping America!

What can one say about Biden’s inaugural address?  Nothing I have seen analyzed it better than what was written 100 years ago about Warren Harding’s inaugural speech: It was “an army of pompous phrases marching across the landscape in search of an idea.”  Pat Buchanan graciously excused it as “the most confusing, contradictory and incoherent […]

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Minneapolis: City of Shame

Once upon an eternity ago now, Minneapolis was a city  built around lakes and parks and open spaces.  Now it’s simply become a lunatic asylum.  Being Scandinavian-rich, it gave birth to such clowns as Hubert Humphrey, Orville Freeman, and Walter Mondale.  They typified the soft socialism that marred the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.   Then […]

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"Congressman Tim Walz" by cursedthing is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Governor flap jaw

Over the years I have been exposed to politicians who don’t know when to shut up–windbags who are so full of themselves that they think everyone wants to be entertained by them.  I recall an interview I conducted as a  young reporter in Crookston, Minnesota.  Word leaked out that Hubert Humphrey was visiting the fair […]

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