The lurking danger of the internet

Several months ago I published a pamphlet titled St. Gutenberg Pray For Us which warned of the dangers inherent in electronic communication.  The other day I came across a column by Paul Rosenberg which voices many of the concerns I have.  Perhaps it will give you something to think about, as it has done for me. […]

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Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus pamphlet

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus, a beautiful letterpress booklet; reprint of famous newspaper lett The ring of the cash register destroying much As we slide into winter, we are bombarded by a frenzy of “Black Friday” events designed to separate us from our wallets.  This avalanche of advertising is symptomatic of a dry rot […]

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This video illustrates a deep sickness on American campuses

  Explosive new video from Yale University Today I saw a video of an exchange between a student and, I believe, a professor at Yale University.   The video is truly instructive about the state of “tolerance”, “inclusiveness”, and creating “safe places” for our ever tender students who infest many of America’s colleges and universities. […]

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New letterpress book project– tribute to my brother

This past week the work I have been doing for months to get a memorial tribute finished to my brother, who died about three years ago, is finally beginning to take physical form.  After a couple years of pulling together stories about Terry from relatives and friends of his, I compiled these into a manuscript […]

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Rudolf Rocker and Fermin Rocker, too often-ignored authors

Two significant authors suffer in obscurity Sometimes I ask myself how it is that really valuable authors find themselves and their books so ignored while writers of far lesser caliber dance across the pages of book publishing history as stars.  In truth, there often is no single answer to this perplexing question.  When I’m bombarded […]

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Photo of cover of Possible Grace letterpress-printed book

A woman’s search to publish her poetry book

A commissioned work by Elva Cowdery Her bucket list book When Elva Cowdery contacted me a few years back, she had a bucket list of projects to complete, one of which was to publish a poetry book she had written.  As with many projects on our bucket lists, her book rested there for sometime until […]

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