Mike Johnson

Just say “NO!” is a tired Republican theme song

Mr. Johnson: Don’t you understand American’s fatigue with Republicans? You complain that Republicans only have one-half of one-third control of the government. You use that excuse to pardon Republicans for the disastrous policy choices being made in Washington. But the reality is that your one-half of one-third of the Washington power structure could dramatically change […]

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Pretend words

  Distorting the English language has become a favorite pastime of many supposed “journalists.” In imagining themselves to be the guardians of civility and protectors of victim groups, these word-warriors wage their social uplift crusades. Words become as fluid as the causes journalists promote and genuine communication devolves into a theater of the absurd. Malcolm […]

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Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

Morgan Freeman put Black History Month into perspective when he was interviewed by Mike Wallace on a 60 Minutes program.  Wallace was flustered with Freeman’s opinion, but the renowned actor never backed away from stating and restating his disgust with the whole concept of “Black History Month.”  Wallace’s attempts to stifle Freeman’s common sense ideas […]

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Imitation woman

Imitation women

Dylan Mulvaney cost a once-iconic American brewery a fortune.  Can anyone who ever lovingly approached a can of beer have been inspired by this “influencer” to grab a can of Bud Light? Though I am not a conneseur of that brand of grain, hops and water, I love my beer. My tastes aren’t snobbish nor […]

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Canada’s re-education camps

In a truly appalling development, three judges on the Ontario Court of Appeal have decreed that for Dr. Jordan Peterson to retain his license to practice his profession, he must subject himself to Communist-style re-education camp indoctrination run by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. The outspoken psychologist is a professor emeritus at the Univesity […]

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