It’s Never Too Late To Be Trans

Don’t let life pass you by:

Why waste away your life watching television or being wheeled around in your assisted care facility? There are so many more fun things to do, so get to it.!

Support two new and exciting programs for Senior Citizens: Add a Dick to Me or Slice  Off My Penis.

Let’s get started by demanding that your congressman or senator or, if you live in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz, make “Gender-Affirming” care available to Senior Citizens. After all, “Gender Disforia” isn’t an exciting pasttime available only to kids. Senior Citizens must have the opportunity to revitalize our lives and  self images, too! When we look in the mirror, why should we only see wrinkled skin and weathered faces. No, it’s not fair!

Just think how much you would enjoy life if you just switched genders with the cut of a knife or by swallowing Big Pharma’s magical gender-transforming chemicals. Become the new, exciting you and let the gender elixer  rocket you out of your wheel chair into fun and fulfilling days as you explore all the thrills that are reserved for the opposite sex. Heck, it can even be more thrilling then that since, we are told, there is no limit to the number of genders we can become in today’s magical world where imagination makes us whatever we want to be. Maybe best of all, just think about all the pronouns you can force people to use when they address you! You won’t be that old geezer wasting away, you will become someone people must respect again! 

Drop that tired old look for the new, vibrant  you!

Why should young kids have this gender affirming care available to them while Senior Citizens wither away? It just ain’t fair, is it?  If the surgical knife or chemical concoction can work for kids, surely it can put a real umph into our lives, too. 

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