Is Today A Good Day To Die? Thoughts on mortality and life’s lessons.

Is Today A Good Day To Die
Mortality began to loom before me

While I won’t go into the contents of my pamphlet Is Today A Good Day To Die–at least not today–I can explain how it came to be.  I was working in the maintenance department at St. Paul Academy and Summit School in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Being around all those energetic students, I got to thinking about my high school years and what life lessons I had  acquired since I had graduated back in the 1960s.  As I pondered those post-high school years and the people who had made such impressions on me, the reality of my own mortality began to loom before me and inspired me to write about the lessons I had learned.  I put them in an article to the Rubicon, the school newspaper, and, to my surprise, once the piece was printed I started having faculty and staff approach me with their own accounts of the things they had learned over the years.  It became clear to me that I had struck a chord and that I was far from alone in thinking about life and death.  So I took that article and printed it into a pamphlet and that pamphlet has since become my single best seller.

I will discuss some of my life lessons in a future post.

Until later . . .

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