Insanity unleashed: the plague of “wokeness!”

Why is it impossible to avoid holier-than-thou apostles wearing halos and continually pointing to their saintliness as symbols of “wokeness?”   The crowd has become a scourge to life.  As George Orwell wrote they’re  “like idiots staring over an asylum wall.” 

Examples bombard us daily from all manner of sources.  One that arrived in my computer today came from a pair of woke geeks.  The headline of the exchange read: “… the one thing you cannot have is intolerance.”  Here are their insights:

Joe: “When we think about our values in the WordPress community and creating an environment around democratizing publishing, giving everybody the ability to play on an even playing field regardless of their background, that has a lot of connections to Black Lives Matter. And so if you’re part of the WordPress space and wearing MAGA hats to things and aren’t supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement, that’s a big issue for me… To me, it’s like, you don’t know what your values are.”

Christie: “I don’t think MAGA hats belong at WordCamps. Because if you’re trying to create an inclusive community, the one thing you cannot have is intolerance. It’s movements that say, ‘no, that group of people isn’t welcome.’ That’s the one thing that you cannot be tolerant of.”

In the name of inclusion and tolerance, they demand exclusion and intolerance.   Critical discussions about the antics of the Black Lives Matter crowd are verboten and their “values” are the only ones with merit.  Just goose step to their demands. That’s  the secret to wokeness!


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