Imitation women

Dylan Mulvaney cost a once-iconic American brewery a fortune.  Can anyone who ever lovingly approached a can of beer have been inspired by this “influencer” to grab a can of Bud Light? Though I am not a conneseur of that brand of grain, hops and water, I love my beer. My tastes aren’t snobbish nor do they run to the thick, dark brews. Mine, I generally describe as affordable.  I might once have found my way to buy a case of Bud Light, but I was already hooked on an old-line brew that once prided itself as coming from the Land of Sky-Blue Waters.  I worked at that brewery during my college days and enjoyed my stint cleaning barrels and my trips to the “break” room where free, refrigerated bottles awaited us in the always well-stocked cooler. I’ve been faithful to that beer ever since. 

So, no, nothing Dylan Mulvaney could do would persuade me to tip a can of Bud Light.  But, Lord, look at that mug and try to comprehend what lay behind Anheuser-Busch’s decision to hire that lipstick-laced, goof to be the face of what was then America’s most popular beer. Apparently, it was done to placate the “woke” crowd by pretending the St. Louis brewery was on board America’s gender insanity wagon. It was Anheuser-Busch, however, that was insane.  Its DEI policy drove it to the cliff’s edge and, ultimately, it was forced to dump the pretend woman as a spokesperson. You’d think high-paid executives would be brighter than they act.



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