I’m better than you are!

These yard signs (or ones much like them) litter the front yards of many Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota homes. There’s an intrinsic arrogance in them that pretends two things: first, that they really mean what they say; and, second, that the people who live in the house are better than the rest of us. 

I’ll wager that if someone who doesn’t share their “diversity” theology knocked on their front door, they would be unwelcome inside. Just imagine some down and out, bedraggled wino draped in torn jeans and caked in grime carrying a “I will work for food” sign in his hands, or someone with a Confederate flag draped over his arm, or, God forbid, someone wearing a MAGA cap appeared at their door. Can you picture the open-arm reception they would receive? I can’t either! 

That yard sign is not honest, its arrogant. It’s meant to tell the world what swell people, what enlightened people, what caring individuals live inside the walls of that house. It’s a charade meant to say “We’re better than you are!” “We care more than  you do!” “We are the enlightened!”

Scratch the scab of their “diversity” religion and you’ll discover just exactly the kind of people they really are.

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