Nationalism and Culture, Rudolf Rocker’s greatest book available, but only limited supply remain

Nationalism and Culture dust jacket

Cover dust jacket for Rudolf Rocker’s Nationalism and Culture book

Nationalism and Culture: Rudolf Rocker’s masterpiece

This, truly, is the magnum opus of any existing edition of Nationalism and Culture. Using the first English language translation of Nationalism and Culture, I added an extensive bibliography of Rocker books, pamphlets and articles as well as a listing of major libraries with their Rocker-related holdings.  This material makes the book an excellent resource tool for everyone wanting to know more about Rudolf Rocker and his many works.

Nationalism and Culture is, by far, the best selling of Rocker’s many works.  I do have a  limited-supply of the books left.  Anyone looking for a quality hard cover edition of Nationalism and Culture at a price nobody else comes close to meeting [check it out on Amazon and every other source!], should order their copy now.

Learn more about Nationalism & Culture here.

A revealing companion volume is Fermin Rocker’s 33 Dunstan Houses, a book about the Rocker family life in England during the early years of the Twentieth Century, focused primarily on the World War I war years when Rudolf Rocker was jailed in a British prison ship for the high crime of being a German.

A few months back I also republished Rudolf Rocker’s wonderful stories from literature titled The Six.  All three of these books by Rudolf and Fermin Rocker are first quality, hardcover editions, all available only in a limited quantity.

Anyone ordering any of these three books will receive a complimentary issue of  the dandelion magazine which is devoted to Rudolf Rocker and Nationalism and Culture.  This commemorative issue of the magazine contains speeches by Valerio Isca, Paul Avrich, Abe Bluestein and Michael Coughlin, together with other items, recognizing the influence of both Mr. Rocker and his magnum opus.

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2 Responses to Nationalism and Culture, Rudolf Rocker’s greatest book available, but only limited supply remain

  1. Roger Weaver November 17, 2016 at 6:48 pm #

    Hi Mike,
    I read Nationalism and Culture in the 1990’s and still own a copy. With Trump’s rise I have a number of friends who are interested in getting a copy. I work at the King County Library system (the largest public library in the US) and we do not have a copy. I’m interested in whether there are still copies left (for my friends) and whether there might be a few copies that the library could purchase (complicated– I don’t work in acquisitions and acquisitions usually go through larger publishers). I worked at Left Bank Books in Seattle for ten years and we always had at least one copy of the book in stock. I see copies from Black Rose on Amazon starting at $65. Could you let me know the status of the book? You can reach me at or


    Roger Weaver

    • Mike Coughlin November 8, 2018 at 7:26 pm #

      Just today I noticed your inquiry regarding getting copies of Nationalism and Culture. I do have some copies remaining and will be glad to fill any orders you, y our friends or the library might place. Years ago I quit working with Baker and Taylor and other book bundlers–just wasn’t worth the hassle. So, if the library does want copies, I will have to send directly to the library. To this day, I don’t know why Black Rose chose to reprint Nationalism and Culture when it knew I had a quality edition of the book available–which I have tried to make affordable to people with limited budgets. That was part of my commitment to Rocker and others who were devoted to the value of the book. But Black Rose is as it is.

      Mike Coughlin