Honoring Rudolf Rocker: FREE bonus with orders of Nationalism and Culture

What is the best way to honor Rudolf Rocker?

I can think of no better way than to spread his ideas and ideals, and while I don’t always agree with everything Rudolf Rocker wrote, there is so much in his work that deserves a hearing.  For far too long his contributions to the study of voluntary societies and the negative influence that nationalism has always had on human history lay ignored.  In the 1970s when I discovered Nationalism and Culture, Rocker’s greatest bookI came to it through the labor of a small group of anarchists in New York City, the Libertarian Book Club.  The Club ran a small book service devoted to preserving and passing along significant anarchist books.  Among the books I ordered was Nationalism and Culture and from then on I have been addicted to Rocker’s books.

Nationalism and Culture dust jacket

Cover dust jacket for Rudolf Rocker’s Nationalism and Culture bookA new edition of Nationalism and Culture

When I learned that the few remaining copies of Nationalism and Culture that the book club had were about the only copies of the book still for sale, I proposed to republish the book, and did so in 1978.  At an anniversary celebration honoring Rocker, I, along with Paul Avrich, Abe Bluestein and Valerio Isca paid our individual tributes to the influence Rocker had on our lives and on the impact he exerted on Libertarian thought and history.  In republishing Nationalism and Culture my goal was two fold: to make sure the book was kept in print so that new generations of readers could easily find their own copies to read and to make sure that the book was affordable.  This latter goal was prompted by my own chronic lack of money.  I just didn’t want price to be something that would lock anyone out of owning the book.  Since my English-language edition was issued, the book has enjoyed a rebirth of interest, which is precisely what I had hoped would happen.

Price remains the lowest

Despite inflation and increasing costs, I have maintained a policy of keeping the book’s price to a bare minimum so it remains accessible to all.  This, despite the fact that the edition I published is printed on quality paper and is packaged in a handsome, sturdy hard cover.  Compare this edition to any other in print, and there is no comparison, either in quality or price.  This is not hype, just fact.

Special FREE bonus for anyone ordering Nationalism and Culture dandelion-no14

As a special bonus for anyone ordering a copy of Nationalism and Culture from me,  I will include a FREE copy of a special issue of the dandelion devoted to Rudolf Rocker and this book.  This issue, which was published in the summer of 1980, contains speeches given at the Workmen’s Circle Center in New York City on May 10, 1979 by Valerio Isca,  Paul Avrich, Abe Bluestein and Michael Coughlin.  The magazine also contains a message from William J. Fishman and Armando Borghi together with a few selected passages from Nationalism and Culture.   Just mention that you would like this bonus when ordering  your copy.

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