Helping children understand the brutality of factory farms

New booklet focuses on abuses of factory farming

There is a disconnect in America, a tragic retreat from a time when farm animals were treated as creatures with whom we shared a little patch of time on this earth to our present day when these creatures are often nothing more than profit centers to be abused in the name of the almighty dollar!

Written by Kathy Coughlin, Illustrated by Robert Holton

Old MacDonald book for children

It’s a disgusting story, but one that must be told.

Despite the determination of the factory farming industry to hide the deplorable truth about the abuse that consumes millions of animals and birds every year, some lone voices have cut through the smiley face of mega-agriculture to expose its rotten underbelly.

A book to teach children a renewed respect for all animals

There has been some marvelous undercover work done by animal activists who have laid bare the horrendous treatment millions of animals and birds endure, but most of the work has been devoted to telling the story to adults. Now there is a wonderfully illustrated and written small book designed specially to tell this story to children.  Old MacDonald has no farm . . .  ee-i-anymore tells the story of modern factory farming in a way that is easily understood by children.  The story and illustrations give an honest portrayal of big agriculture, yet are not designed to frighten. This book is long overdue and a welcome addition to the literature of animal rights.

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