Governor flap jaw

"Congressman Tim Walz" by cursedthing is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Over the years I have been exposed to politicians who don’t know when to shut up–windbags who are so full of themselves that they think everyone wants to be entertained by them.  I recall an interview I conducted as a  young reporter in Crookston, Minnesota.  Word leaked out that Hubert Humphrey was visiting the fair city, so I was told to find and to interview him.  I succeeded and would walk away from the encounter with a humid memory of the day.  There he was, that diminutive gas bag pouring forth volumes.  I worked my way to the head of the queue and, with notebook in hand, I proceeded to get showered with a steady stream of saliva as his lips rotated at an unbelievable rpm.  
I couldn’t wait to escape and when I did I hurried back to the newspaper office to scrub my face and hands.  I would burn my shirt after I returned home.  
Unfortunately, there have been other such walking blather factories who have crossed my path.  Paul Wellstone comes to mind.  So does Al Franken. But now I am pestered mightily by another–the governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz.  God what a word factory that bloated, self-absorbed politician is.  Watch him for all of twenty seconds and you realize he considers himself the smartest creature in the land of 10,000 lakes.  There isn’t a microphone or TV camera that hasn’t been abused by him.  
Please, can someone just take this swamp creature away!

Until later . . . 

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