Frank Chodorov’s “truth as criterion”

Frank Chodorov, who has largely been forgotten today, helped define my understanding of our world in the wonderful books he published years ago. In digging through my library the other day, I pulled out his The Rise And Fall Of Society and began reacquainting myself with Mr. Chodorov’s insights into the human condition. The book, which was published in 1959 by Devin-Adair, is, if anything, even more cogent today than it was when Mr. Chodorov penned it. 

In Frank S. Meyer’s introduction to The Rise And Fall Of Society, he observed: “in our society, whre relativism rules supreme, where truth is not merely distorted but its very existence denied, power grows to monstrous proportions without any inner check in the bosoms of those who hold it. In place of truth, the ideal is adjustment, that is, the acceptance of whatever happen to be the modes of thought and action established among us–not because it is purported that they are true, but just because they are. In this paradise for power unchecked by any criterion but its own, the way of the man who would bear witness to and fight for truth because it is truth is doubly hard.  Not only, as in former ages, must he confront the established authorities of the day with the divergence of their acts form the demands of truth he has to substantiate—explicitly or implicitly–the very title of truth as criterion.”  Mr. Chodorov confronted the “established authorities” of his time and in doing so has provided inspiration for us to do so today.

This poster, produced by the Mises Institute, provides a glimpse into Mr. Chodorov’s philosophy. 

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