First, do no harm

Some 2,300 plus years ago, the father of medicine, Hippocrates offered a simple, yet profound, guide for medical practitioners. In four short words, he established an ethical framework that can guide much of human life:

First, Do No Harm.”

Ironically for us today, Hippocrates’ four words appeared in his treatise on epidemics. The injunction followed another which urged medical workers to “be useful.”

Of late, Hippocrates’s advice has been systemically discarded by the white-coat industry which is guided by other, more important issues: “Who’s your insurance provider?” “We need your co-payment.” “Mask wearing is mandated.” “Follow the CDC protocols.” As a result, another four-word admonition has become fashionable in medical circles: “No vaccine, no treatment.”

A middle-aged mother in Minnesota and a fourteen-year-old adopted girl in North Carolina have been denied kidney transplants respectively at the Mayo Clinic and Duke University because they have not received the Covid vaccine. In Alaska, a woman who was regularly receiving infusions for a variety of ailments, but who refused to get the Covid vaccination, was told by her doctor not to come back.

If a doctor or hospital has the ability to treat a patient and has the resources to do so and yet refuses, they shred, the centuries-old bond between health providers and patients.

The goose-step formula which ordains people must hide behind a mask, wear gloves, remain six-feet apart and get a shot has become standard medical voodoo.

Consider the plight of the Alaska woman. Her doctor is undoubtedly vaccinated—perhaps even injected with the latest round of “boosters.” No doubt the doctor wears a mask and likely puts on a new pair of gloves with each patient she sees. Is the physician rejecting the patient out of fear she will catch the virus from her patient? If so, it’s obvious she has no faith that her own anti-Covid ritual actually works. Or, perhaps, she closed her clinic door to virtue signal her compliance with CDC dictates. In any event, she violated Hippocrates’s directives to be useful and to do no harm.

Doctors, hospitals and, in fact, everyone who administers the Covid shots have been given immunity from liability if patients are injured by the experimental vaccine. Why, too, can’t patients sign liability waivers to receive the treatments they desperately need?

In the end, the Alaska doctor and the two hospitals are telling people to shut up and submit as a condition for receiving essential and available treatments. Why must those who fear that the vaccine may cost them their lives, be condemned to serve as laboratory Guinea pigs?

David Gortler, a former senior advisor to the Food and Drug Administration commissioner, has joined a legion of others raising doubts about the efficacy of those vaccinations. Gortler, who was a medical officer evaluating new drugs for approval, worked as part of the FDA’s executive team that helped set the FDA’s science policy. Here’s his warning:I don’t understand how my physician colleagues and especially my pharmacist colleagues who are working and giving this vaccine are still continuing to do so when they don’t know anything about it. . . .

It should be updated to reflect the lack of safety, the lack of efficacy, and specifically there need to be warnings about myocarditis. . . .

People don’t know: what’s the number of cells that are in these vaccines? Nobody knows. What’s the half life? Nobody knows. I don’t understand how in good conscience we can still be giving these vaccines at this point for the COVID-19, named after 2019, for a strain . . . that no longer exists.

Why has being “useful” and “do no harm” vanished from medicine?

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