Don’t let your kids become jerks

Kids today have to deal with a lot of junk in life.

Things are way different from when I was a kid and even how it was when my kids were young. So much has changed, and much of it is not for the better. When I see the craziness in the streets, the gangs shooting up neighborhoods, car jacking, the ocean of drugs available today, I often wonder how kids today can successfully navigate today’s challenges.

How do people raise their kids to be decent, caring and happy? How do they teach them to be compassionate members of society who give a damn about helping make their world a better place? There are no super secret solutions to these questions and teaching kids takes work, a lot of it. But as a parent or grandparent or teacher, we have the opportunity to influence young people as nobody else can.

Over a year ago I was introduced to a hands-on teaching aid that takes a unique approach to instilling ethical values in young people through a fun and interactive series of lessons.

We’re All Animals provides a step-by-step process of exploring everyday opportunities to make good choices. It’s not preachy, or goody two-shoes. It draws from the day-to-day choices people can make to carve out ethical solutions to real-life questions.

I want to help get We’re All Animals into helping guide kids to ethical lives and so I arranged with the publisher to subsidize each purchase by contributing $15 toward the purchase of each educational package ordered. All you need to do to get this reduced price is to use my special code for $15 off at checkout: GOODKIDS

Buy We’re All Animals here.

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