Degrees in stupidity

Yup, here we go again with another run at “higher education” scams.  Select colleges/universities are again demanding students put on face masks after “news” spread that there is a new variant of Covid lurking. What is amazing is how stupid and gullible these institutions think their students are. Perhaps, though, their students really are boneheads. There ought to be a provision that colleges and universities allow students to get their tuition and housing/meal costs refunded if the students have already agreed to attend the school after which the institution imposes a mask mandate or disappears into “distance learning.” We went through the Covid parade of folly once, so I understand students got suckered into that experience. Fool me once, that’s your fault; fool me twice, that’s my fault.

When will young people [and their parents] wise up? Masks during the Covid panic were worthless [other than for virtue signals], so why are school administrators dragging out the mask folly again? Do they really want to create a generation of toadeaters?

Guess, maybe so!

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