Culture vs. Reality TV creatively parodied in video

As I get ready to launch my new web site, I have been thinking about the book  printing I do and wonder why people would want letterpress-printed books when they can have e-books.  I’m told e-books are easy to download (I can’t vouch for that as I have never published nor read one), many of them can be tucked into a relatively small space and their price supposedly makes them attractive.   Despite all the ballyhoo about e-books, everything I read is that they are losing favor with readers.  Industry predictions of stupendous e-book growth simply have not materialized.

So why this when industry savants predicted printed books were dying?

Then it came to me.  Fine, hot-metal typeset and letterpress-printed books are to e-books what culture is to reality TV.  I found this video which explains the difference between real and virtual.  Hope  you will enjoy it.


When you are finished watching the video, you might want to check out the award-winning broadside on paper for those who love paper.

Until later . . .

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