Innovative New Case Gauge

Making hand book binding easier and faster–affordably


Finally, a precision yet cost-effective case gauge for the small to medium size book bindery.

Remarkably easy to set up, this case gauge is noted for its accuracy, its compact size, its light weight and unique features which make it easily adaptable to more complex binding projects–all for an extremely affordable price.

What do you want in a case gauge?

How about  an easily adjustable head stop that provides up to one and a third inches of adjustment;  quickly adjustable arms to accommodate joint widths from 1/8 inch up to ½ inch.  These adjustable arms allow the front and back joint widths to be independently set as may be required for  binding projects. You won’t find features like this on gauges costing 3 to 4 times what the Coughlin Case Gauge sells for. 

But there’s more.

  • It only weighs fifteen pounds
  • Needs only approximately four square feet of counter space
  • Can easily be stowed away when not being used.   

The Coughlin Case Gauge was designed, built, tested and manufactured in America. It has a sturdy 1/2″  thick high-density polyethylene (acrylic??) base–the same durable material that is  used for cutting boards and in many industrial applications. The joint arms are made from corrosion-resistant or plated steel and aluminum.

Want more?  It comes with a satisfaction guarantee: you will be pleased with your new case gauge or we will refund your money upon return of your case gauge.

An instructional video included with your new Coughlin Case Gauge demonstrates the distinctive features of your new case gauge and will walk you through each simple step in readying your case gauge for book binding.  An average binding order should take no more than a few minutes to set up,  letting you simply enjoy the ease, speed and precision with which you will be able to run your book binding orders.


  • Fully adjustable head stop with a maximum fold-over cloth allowance of up to 1.3 inches.
  • Adjustable joint widths to accommodate various binding projects. These joint widths are independently adjustable to allow for different joint sizes for front and back covers.
  • Centering gauge for quick and precise positioning of spine inlays.
  • Light weight.
  • Compact size to make efficient use of bindery space.
  • Designed and made in America with top grade steel and aluminum parts mounted to a sturdy, scratch and stain-resistant 3/4 inch thick acrylic base
  • Instructional video demonstrates distinctive features of the Coughlin Case Gauge and shows how to quickly set the gauge up for easy and profitable production binding work.
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your new Coughlin Case Gauge, return the gauge for a complete refund of purchase price.
  • Perhaps best of all–it is extremely affordable.  No other case gauge on the market compares in value to the Coughlin Case Gauge. 


  • Text block–the guts of the book to be inserted into the case
  • Shoulder–the outer edge of the rounded text block spine against which the cover board fits.
  • Hinge–the flexible part of the cover on which the boards swing open.
  • Case spine inlay–the material used to cover the book’s spine
  • Joint–the valley or grooved area at the spine-edge of the book.
  • Spine inlay is glued to the super
  • Super cloth wraps around the back of the text block and is attached to the end sheets

I began my venture into bookbinding over 25 years ago when I took a basic course in binding at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts (MCBA) in Minneapolis.  In time I integrated my interest in book binding with my work in hand paper making and letterpress printing and hot-metal typesetting.  As my own projects grew in size and volume and as I accepted outside commissions, I realized I needed to automate my bindery, but I needed to do so within a limited budget.  So I worked with my engineer son to take the best of existing case gauge designs, tweak them to ensure absolutely accurate alignment and quick set up and developed a totally new variable spine gauge to accommodate a wide range of book dimensions.  We did it all while maintaining an attractive design and, perhaps best of all, we were able to keep the case gauge affordable. 

This is American-made quality, engineered to exacting requirements and handsomely designed for easy operation.  My experience with other book binders made me realize that the case gauges they had often needed to be readjusted once in a bindery and then pampered to keep them working properly.  And for the privilege of putting up with such headaches, a book binder was forced to pay thousands of dollars to acquire one of these gauges.  The Coughlin Case Gauge makes all that fussing around obsolete.

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