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Degrees in stupidity

Yup, here we go again with another run at “higher education” scams.  Select colleges/universities are again demanding students put on face masks after “news” spread that there is a new variant of Covid lurking. What is amazing is how stupid and gullible these institutions think their students are. Perhaps, though, their students really are boneheads. […]

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The sad sack from Minnesota

You ever see a sad sack?

If you missed his performance on Meet the Press, you didn’t miss much. The governor of Minnesota whose mouth never stops running and who never misses a chance to assault a mircophone or television camera, announced that Joe Biden’s political troubles are the fault of some systemic conspiracy. After all, Joe Biden is “one of […]

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Hippocrates photo

First, do no harm

Some 2,300 plus years ago, the father of medicine, Hippocrates offered a simple, yet profound, guide for medical practitioners. In four short words, he, in fact, established an ethical framework that can guide most all of human life: “First, Do No Harm.” Ironically for us today, Hippocrates’ four words appeared in his treatise in epidemics. […]

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Goose Stepping America!

What can one say about Biden’s inaugural address?  Nothing I have seen analyzed it better than what was written 100 years ago about Warren Harding’s inaugural speech: It was “an army of pompous phrases marching across the landscape in search of an idea.”  Pat Buchanan graciously excused it as “the most confusing, contradictory and incoherent […]

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Ralph Waldo Emerson letterpress broadside

“Success?” What really is this god we pursue?

Ralph Waldo Emerson broadside I just finished a column by Paul Rosenberg in his “Freeman’s Weekly” online publication.  He raised some interesting questions about life, offers some challenging perceptions and asks some penetrating questions.  If you get a chance to look it up, I would encourage you to do so.  I can’t find a way […]

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