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Is there a place for letterpress printing in self-publishing? Now, for those who want to publish a genuinely distinctive book, the answer is “yes.” By streamlining production processes, I have created a way to publish your books using time-proven hot-metal typesetting, letterpress printing and hand binding at a price that won’t break the bank.

Printers’ fair in Mt. Pleasand Iowa

Printer’s Fair a magnet for letterpress enthusiasts With the Printers’ Fair coming this weekend [September 17-19, 2015] in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, I am reminded of a wonderful trip I made to Iowa many years back to attend Linotype University One, conducted by Larry J. Raid and Bud Lang in Denmark, Iowa.  Both men were wonderful […]

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Me and My Likker

Me and My Likker: Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton booklet

Pamphlet lambastes Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton’s persecutors When I was introduced to Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton via a newspaper article, I was shamed at the way Federal agents hounded this man to his death.  So I wrote a pamphlet about him and his moonshine career.  Little did I know at the time how much interest there would […]

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How to publish your letterpress poetry book and some things to avoid doing

Why letterpress works so well with poetry book publishing Poetry books and letterpress printing are meant for each other.  I have learned that through the work I have done to typeset, letterpress print and hand bind books for people across the United States.  When my customers approached me they had two primary concerns: letterpress printing […]

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Linotype photo

Letterpress isn’t just for wedding stationery: how hot metal typesetting can improve all letterpress printing

Unique, distinctive beauty drives revival of interest in letterpress printing The revival of interest in letterpress printing, after the market for letterpress work nearly vanished a few decades ago, can be attributed primarily to couples recognizing the beauty and distinction letterpress printing adds to wedding invitations.  This has been well and good for the old black […]

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My Dogs: Professors of Life

My Dogs: Professors of Life–pamphlet discusses life lessons our dogs can teach us

A couple days back I began telling a little about how the booklet Is Today A Good Day To Die. came to be written and published.  I will get back to that little book in a few days.  As I was thinking about that publication, another that I published several years back came to mind, […]

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Is Today A Good Day To Die

Is Today A Good Day To Die? Thoughts on mortality and life’s lessons.

Mortality began to loom before me While I won’t go into the contents of my pamphlet Is Today A Good Day To Die–at least not today–I can explain how it came to be.  I was working in the maintenance department at St. Paul Academy and Summit School in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Being around all those […]

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Text and sketch from 33 Dunstan Houses book by Fermin Rocker

How 33 Dunstan Houses book by Fermin Rocker came to be published

Fermin Rocker looks at life with Rudolf and Milly Rocker Years back I had the opportunity to meet Rudolf Rocker’s son Fermin while I was visiting Valerio Isca at his apartment in New York City.  During our visit, I learned that Fermin had written a manuscript about life with his parents in England in the […]

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Life In the Back Shop: Stories about old newspaper back shops

Life In The Back Shop: how this book came to be published

Letterpress printers in old newspaper shops Funny, isn’t it, how life sometimes falls into our laps?  We’re just living and suddenly life isn’t the same anymore.  That’s how it came to be that I published a book about letterpress printers in old newspaper shops. I was asked to answer some questions that Robert MacGregor Shaw […]

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Nationalism and Culture dust jacket

Nationalism and Culture, Rudolf Rocker’s greatest book available, but only limited supply remain

Nationalism and Culture: Rudolf Rocker’s masterpiece This, truly, is the magnum opus of any existing edition of Nationalism and Culture. Using the first English language translation of Nationalism and Culture, I added an extensive bibliography of Rocker books, pamphlets and articles as well as a listing of major libraries with their Rocker-related holdings.  This material makes the book […]

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