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Printers’ fair in Mt. Pleasand Iowa

Printer’s Fair a magnet for letterpress enthusiasts With the Printers’ Fair coming this weekend [September 17-19, 2015] in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, I am reminded of a wonderful trip I made to Iowa many years back to attend Linotype University One, conducted by Larry J. Raid and Bud Lang in Denmark, Iowa.  Both men were wonderful […]

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Me and My Likker

Me and My Likker: Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton booklet

Pamphlet lambastes Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton’s persecutors When I was introduced to Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton via a newspaper article, I was shamed at the way Federal agents hounded this man to his death.  So I wrote a pamphlet about him and his moonshine career.  Little did I know at the time how much interest there would […]

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My Dogs: Professors of Life

My Dogs: Professors of Life–pamphlet discusses life lessons our dogs can teach us

Cover photo of letterpress pamphlet A couple days back I began telling a little about how the booklet Is Today A Good Day To Die. came to be written and published.  I will get back to that little book in a few days.  As I was thinking about that publication, another that I published several […]

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Is Today A Good Day To Die

Is Today A Good Day To Die? Thoughts on mortality and life’s lessons.

Letterpress printed pamphlet dealing with mortality and living life right Mortality began to loom before me While I won’t go into the contents of my pamphlet Is Today A Good Day To Die–at least not today–I can explain how it came to be.  I was working in the maintenance department at St. Paul Academy and […]

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Nationalism and Culture dust jacket

Nationalism and Culture, Rudolf Rocker’s greatest book available, but only limited supply remain

Nationalism and Culture: Rudolf Rocker’s masterpiece This, truly, is the magnum opus of any existing edition of Nationalism and Culture. Using the first English language translation of Nationalism and Culture, I added an extensive bibliography of Rocker books, pamphlets and articles as well as a listing of major libraries with their Rocker-related holdings.  This material makes the book […]

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