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Unintended outcomes

Things don’t happen in vacuums, much as so many seem to believe they will. The recent racial discord following George Floyd’s death is a case to consider.  With all the riots and looting tied to calls for punishing police officers, it would be reasonable to anticipate police calls to trouble areas  in cities are going […]

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Hurray for Thomas Massie!

It is long past the time when the political primadonnas in Washington have been called out for their antics.  Thomas Massie, the Kentucky congressman, did it  when he demanded members of the House of Representatives cast a recorded vote on the Coronavirus spending legislation.  The wailing that accompanied his call for a recorded vote sounded […]

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The Good Kid Project

Teaching kids tolerance, humility and compassion Rotten kids?  Give them a chance! Sometimes I get discouraged looking around at young kids.  Some seem so different than I was at their age–they look like walking comic strips with their tattoos and barbarous natives from a South Pacific island with pins and rings and who-knows-what jammed into […]

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