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Ken Burns's Eulogy on "The War" ignores important issues

Ken Burns’s Eulogy on “The War”

Ken Burns’s History–stories that need to be told better! For years I have watched Ken Burns’s PBS documentary-style television shows  on the Civil War, the Roosevelts, and “The War.”  There may have been others, but these come to mind and are sufficient for the matter at hand.  Mr. Burns is a charming storyteller, the photos […]

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waco photo

The Janet Reno story, without the cover-up

The other day news flashed across the radio, television and newspapers that former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno of the Clinton years had died.  In somber tones, the story of her accomplishments were retold, generally in a manner that painted her as a tough, no-nonsense advocate of justice.  According to CNN, “former President Bill Clinton […]

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Nationalism and Culture dust jacket

Nationalism and Culture by Rudolf Rocker–an early book review by Merritt Clifton

In sorting through some old newspapers I have collected over the years, I came across a 36-year-old issue of The Book Mart–issue #40, July/August 1980, which contained an review by Merritt Clifton of my publishing of Rudolf Rocker’s classic, Nationalism and Culture.  Those interested in the author or the book may enjoy reading Mr. Clifton’s review which […]

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Rape Culture book by Wendy McElroy

Being a contrarian in today’s “everything must be correct” world isn’t easy.  Guess it never has been, but it seems to me that the pressure to conform, to bow to currently fashionable ideology is strangling open debate in America.  The other day I received a notice about a new book, this by Wendy McElroy, on […]

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Cover of Joseph Ishill pamphlet

New Joseph Ishill booklet published

  During a recent visit to the University of Wisconsin Library in Madison, I asked the librarians whether there were any books or pamphlets in their collection by Joseph Ishill.   There were four, only three of which they could locate at that time.  In reading through Mr. Ishill’s book on Peter Kropotkin, I was […]

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