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Rudolf Rocker and Fermin Rocker, too often-ignored authors

Two significant authors suffer in obscurity Sometimes I ask myself how it is that really valuable authors find themselves and their books so ignored while writers of far lesser caliber dance across the pages of book publishing history as stars.  In truth, there often is no single answer to this perplexing question.  When I’m bombarded […]

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Joseph Ishill broadside available

Broadside honoring Joseph Ishill, renounded printer and publisher A printing legend Joseph Ishill, one man alone in his home shop, working nights and weekends with his beloved press, turned out some of the finest books published in America.  His books [and his pamphlets and other emphmera] are rare because he printed only a few of […]

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Text and sketch from 33 Dunstan Houses book by Fermin Rocker

How 33 Dunstan Houses book by Fermin Rocker came to be published

Fermin Rocker looks at life with Rudolf and Milly Rocker Years back I had the opportunity to meet Rudolf Rocker’s son Fermin while I was visiting Valerio Isca at his apartment in New York City.  During our visit, I learned that Fermin had written a manuscript about life with his parents in England in the […]

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