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When letterpress was king! A look back through the eyes of Otto Boutin’s great book

Sometimes I chance upon stories that fascinate me and today was one of those days.  In my “spam” folder—why it ended up there I have no clue—I found a copy of Mark Michelson’s column in the on-line version of Printing Impressions.  It’s about Otto Boutin’s captivating book Otto’s Night Watch. There a “Love Letter to an Old […]

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God answers Nietzsche

Is God alive? Just ask Nietzsche. Or, maybe, better to see what God says!

God died, Nietzsche reported in 1883.  Wait, not so fast there Mr. Nietzsche! Sometimes statements capture the essence of theology and philosophy with brevity, with insight and with humor.  I came across one some months back and decided it needed to be letterpress printed into a broadside. You can click on it here for more […]

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