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How young can a book reader get?

Sometimes readers write to let me know how they enjoy the books I have published. But I was thrilled when one customer sent me a photo of her son engrossed in reading Lucius And His Collection of Unusual Things.   The book is a wonderfully told story written by Kathy Coughlin and illustrated by Bob Holton.t […]

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New letterpress book project– tribute to my brother

This past week the work I have been doing for months to get a memorial tribute finished to my brother, who died about three years ago, is finally beginning to take physical form.  After a couple years of pulling together stories about Terry from relatives and friends of his, I compiled these into a manuscript […]

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Rudolf Rocker and Fermin Rocker, too often-ignored authors

Two significant authors suffer in obscurity Sometimes I ask myself how it is that really valuable authors find themselves and their books so ignored while writers of far lesser caliber dance across the pages of book publishing history as stars.  In truth, there often is no single answer to this perplexing question.  When I’m bombarded […]

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A woman’s search to publish her poetry book

Her bucket list book When Elva Cowdery contacted me a few years back, she had a bucket list of projects to complete, one of which was to publish a poetry book she had written.  As with many projects on our bucket lists, her book rested there for sometime until it finally reached the top.  It […]

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