Canada’s re-education camps

In a truly appalling development, three judges on the Ontario Court of Appeal have decreed that for Dr. Jordan Peterson to retain his license to practice his profession, he must subject himself to Communist-style re-education camp indoctrination run by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. The outspoken psychologist is a professor emeritus at the Univesity of Toronto.  He gained  world renoun after  publication of his best selliing book 12 rules for Life: an Antidote to  Chaos. Dr Peterson’s became a lightening rod for woke retributioin when he challenged a variety of official actions designed to force Canadians to parrot politically correct gender-identity language.  As Epoch Times reported,  Dr. Peterson “first came under scrutiny by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) in 2022 after it received complaints about a number of his social midia posts. The college alleged some of his posts directed at a plus-sized model, transgender actor Elliot Page, and several politicians may be ‘degrading’ to the profession and could amount to professional misconduct.”

Notice the precision of the  CPO ruling against Dr. Peterson: what he wrote “may be ‘degrading.'” May be? Might it also not be “degrading”? And what does “degrading” mean–whatever some woke thug determines it to be? And then “could amount to professional misconduct.” But, again, it perhaps also could not “amount to professional misconduct.” Who’s to decide about all these “may bes” and “could amounts”?

For his sin, Dr. Peterson is to be subjected to a “social media training program on professionalism in making public statements” in order to retain his professional license. In other words, he was to grab Canada’s new Mao-style little red book and repeat the official mantra decreed by the CPO.  

The thought-goons along our northern border have twisted Canada into a caricature of a free country.

In response to the judges’ Peking-style ruling, Dr. Peterson reminded his assailants he would have no part of their charade:

“There is nothing  you can take from me that I’m unwilling to lose.” 

Canada displays a troubling reality: democracies can be pillars of oppression. 



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