Beating winter in comfort

John Burroughs writes about A Snow Storm

Alas, winter will soon be upon us. Though it’s not my favorite season, it does have its charms. I think the secret to enjoying it is to accept its moods. When it howls and snorts and brings Canada’s worst our way, then bundle up, settle in, and take the time winter just provided to pull a book from the shelf, grab a hot chocolate and watch the snow fall.

Years back I happened upon the essay A Snow Storm by John Burroughs, published in 1875 in a book titled A Year In The Fields.

It is such a delightfully told story of a massive snow storm that virtually brought Burroughs’ world to a stand still. The visual images he creates, the feeling he gives of the magnitude of this storm, the delight he takes in the mystery and wonder that accompanied the wintry blast are chocolate for the soul.

For years I planned to turn this essay into a small book and in December, 2007 this became reality. I printed the piece on Biblio paper and hard cover bound into an attractive book and is now in its second printing.

Until next time . . . 

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