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The sad sack from Minnesota

You ever see a sad sack?

If you missed his performance on Meet the Press, you didn’t miss much. The governor of Minnesota whose mouth never stops running and who never misses a chance to assault a microphone or television camera, announced that Joe Biden’s political troubles are the fault of some systemic conspiracy. After all, Joe Biden is “one of […]

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A Heretic's Manifesto

A Heretic’s Manifesto

A new book by Brendan O’Neill has punctured much of today’s prevailing illusions.  It offers a refreshing alternative to the modern victimology craze. I could start almost anywhere in the book to highlight passages that do justice to Mr. O’Neill’s rapier style, but let me attempt doing so with one short quotation.  “The idea that […]

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Walz the child molester

Murderama and mutilation festival

The Minnesota Legislature finished its session with a load of new laws governed by a code of ethics that is hardly distinguishable from human sacrifice rituals that dotted the planet for centuries. And the thugs are ecstatic about their behavior.Abortion in Minnesota is permitted at any point in the process from conception to and during […]

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all welcome

I’m better than you are!

These yard signs (or ones much like them) litter the front yards of many Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota homes. There’s an intrinsic arrogance in them that pretends two things: first, that they really mean what they say; and, second, that the people who live in the house are better than the rest of us.  […]

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Weight-lifting champion

Women weightlifting champion

  We all enjoy a certain amount of stupidity.  That just goes with being human. But of late, unlimited stupidity has blossomed in extravagant displays of self-absorbed idiocy. In our mentally disjointed world, this man, who wanted to display the farce of transgenderism, self-identified as a “woman” to beat another self-identified “woman” in a Canadian […]

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