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How young can a book reader get?

Sometimes readers write to let me know how they enjoy the books I have published. But I was thrilled when one customer sent me a photo of her son engrossed in reading Lucius And His Collection of Unusual Things.   The book is a wonderfully told story written by Kathy Coughlin and illustrated by Bob Holton. […]

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Robinson Jeffers’s broadsides, hidden treasures

Two additional Robinson Jeffers’s broadsides Here are two more Robinson Jeffers’s broadsides, both of which were printed by Marlan Beilke at his Quintessence Working Press-Room Museum in Amador City, California.  In a pair of other posts (and here) I listed some of the other Robinson Jeffers’s broadsides that I have discovered recently.  In some cases there […]

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Robinson Jeffers’s treasure trove discovered!.

This past week I uncovered some rare Robinson Jeffers letterpress-printed broadsides.  There are only a few of these beauties remaining.  In the coming days I will be listing each of them in my blog posts. These broadsides are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and when they are gone, as the saying goes, they are GONE. […]

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Centenary celebration of Linotype machine

Rare Linotype broadsides discovered

I have discovered a pair of rare broadsides celebrating the eighth-wonder-of-the-world, the Linotype.  These were designed, typeset and printed by Marlan Beilke, otherwise known as Linomarl.  Marlan printed these broadsides during the years he operated his print shop/museum in Amador City, California.  He later moved to Wisconsin.  When he closed his California hot metal heaven […]

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The lurking danger of the internet

Several months ago I published a pamphlet titled St. Gutenberg Pray For Us which warned of the dangers inherent in electronic communication.  The other day I came across a column by Paul Rosenberg which voices many of the concerns I have.  Perhaps it will give you something to think about, as it has done for me. […]

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