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Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

Morgan Freeman put Black History Month into perspective when he was interviewed by Mike Wallace on a 60 Minutes program.  Wallace was flustered with Freeman’s opinion, but the renowned actor never backed away from stating and restating his disgust with the whole concept of “Black History Month.”  Wallace’s attempts to stifle Freeman’s common sense ideas […]

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Imitation woman

Imitation women

Dylan Mulvaney cost a once-iconic American brewery a fortune.  Can anyone who ever lovingly approached a can of beer have been inspired by this “influencer” to grab a can of Bud Light? Though I am not a conneseur of the grain, hops and water, I love my beer. My tastes aren’t snobbish nor do they […]

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Canada’s re-education camps

In a truly appalling development, three judges on the Ontario Court of Appeal have decreed that for Dr. Jordan Peterson to retain his license to practice his profession, he must subject himself to Communist-style re-education camp indoctrination run by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. The outspoken psychologist is a professor emeritus at the Univesity […]

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Chesterton quote00001

Chesterton on the Big Bang

The other day in the “Bundle” mailing sent to members of the American Amateur Press Association, I came across this contribution from Mark McComas. It perfectly summarizes my reservations about the Big Bang theory of existence and expresses my suspicion that nothingness is a wholly inadequate explanation for something. Of course, the concept of God […]

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Wake up, snowflake

During a lecture at the University of Albany, Candace Owens offered this advice to a student who asked: “What do you have to say to the trans students on this campus who feel actively victimized by your presence here?” Owens’s response: “Life’s tough. Get a helmet, man.” Later, Owens elaborated  on the encounter: “If you are […]

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