A South Dakota Cowboy’s Story

A modern-day cowboy remembers his days in the saddle

New paperback edition by Pat Coughlin

The open range is no longer so open, but there are still cowboys who spend their days horseback–long days herding cattle, mending fences, fixing water tanks and all the other chores that go with horse and saddle.  While Pat Coughlin  is now retired and a bit beat up from the years he worked as a cowboy and, later, horse shoeing, he remembers those years with a tinge of nostalgia in his charming autobiography.  His stories recall the times he faced down a rattle snake that was laying in ambush along a fence line, got stomped and nearly crushed by a less-than-happy horse, worked with disabled kids who were given therapy with riding horses, and lots of encounters with cows intent on making his life miserable.   So You Want To Be A Horse Shoer makes fascinating reading for anyone who has ever had a hankering to be a cowboy, anyone who just enjoys being around horses, or, frankly, for anyone looking to enjoy a good story.

The book is privately printed and a few copies remain in stock.  It was a great deal of fun working on the book with my brother Pat and now that he has published his first book, he is dreaming of issuing another.  That’s the way some authors get.

Until later . . .

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