A Robinson Jeffers broadside bonanza

Letterpress printed, limited-edition broadside of Robinson Jeffers’s reading from The Inhumanist. Hot -metal typeset and letterpress printed by Linomarl Marlan Beilke. Measures approximately 14 X 22.

I have been silent for a few weeks, and for that I apologize.  I have had  a heavy load of book work and, to top that off, I was presented with a treasure-trove of broadsides printed by my friend Linomarl Marlan Beilke who asked me to offer them for sale.  Most of the broadsides he has sent are single copies, so once gone, there are no more.  I know it’s crazy to many people, but when I discover long-buried letterpress printed art, I get energized, and this happened again when Marlan sent me a few more copies of his broadsides to go with those he he sent about a month ago. It appears now that he’s in his 80s and feeling the aches and pains of age, he has been sorting through things and disposing, as is proper.

So, I have been elected the conduit for making his printed broadsides available.  Each of the broadsides is of a poem or excerpt from a longer piece of poetry by Robinson Jeffers.  Take a look at them and judge for yourself if they aren’t noble pieces of the printer’s craft.  If you are interested, check them out at http://www.letterpressbookpublishing.com/product-category/broadsides/  

Until later . . .


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