A Media-Created Crisis

The more I see of the “news,” the sicker I grow of it.  

From national news networks to the local folks, it’s all the same old story about the coronavirus problem in the United States.  People are dying (the only story for weeks on end, complete with photos of body bags and ventilators and panic buying of toilet paper) and then came sob stories about the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs or had their businesses destroyed. 

All because of Covid-19!

With excitement dripping from their lips, somber reporters and news anchors ignore the reality that it is they who are largely responsible for the virus’s destruction.  They have worked American lemmings into a panic  and the mob has raced to the cliff.

The exploding body count and scare stories about hospitals being overwhelmed and nursing home patients falling like flies filled entire newscasts.  Day in and day out. Covid-19 was possibly the most deadly pandemic humans have ever stared down.  Millions will die as civilization is on the brink of annihilation.   Wash your hands, hang a mask around your face, barricade yourself at home and pray that “science” can save the human race.  

It took Orson Welles just a single “War of the Worlds” radio program in 1938 to drive people to commit suicide.  Media coverage of the Covid-19 is today’s  version of Welles’s story of a Martian invasion of the United States.  

Of course, the virus is deadly and scary and that provides the excuse for the non-stop media fixation on it.  But Armageddon is hyped even further as the media expands its doom and gloom story.  We are told yet another wave of this virus will ravage those who survived this visitation. 

One can hardly blame people for their fear.  It’s War of the Worlds on steroids.  Unfortunately, though, too many people can’t figure out that it is the media itself, not the virus, that is destroying their lives.  Without the breathless stories, we would have gone about our business as we have for centuries.  We’d have grieved and buried the dead and kept working.  Life would have been lonelier, but it wouldn’t have collapsed.  

Covid-19 is not a media creation, but the panic surrounding it is. 

Until next time . . .

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