Your keepsake book


Do-it-yourself publishing has become an affordable and, sometimes, relatively easy way to turn your manuscript into the book you have dreamed of publishing.  But in this world of ho-hum, print-on-demand books, how can a writer make his or her book stand apart?

Computer-generated books are not your only option. This prison of relying on computers frustrates many writers.  Of course, on-demand-publishing has opened up a world of possibilities for writers to sidestep the cumbersome and discouraging routine of searching for an agent or filling desk drawers with stacks of rejection notices.

But while the publishing world has been transformed by print-on-demand, it has also been condemned to a new world of formula books that are cranked out by the hundreds of thousands in modern book factories that pride themselves on “instant” publishing.  These books look alike because they are alike. They have to be if those printing factories are to survive.  But in the race to the bottom, in the passion to cut costs, much of the charm and appeal of books published long ago has vanished.

Because of this, old-fashion letterpress book printing has enjoyed an amazing revival. 

Whether it be poetry,  short stories, novels or memoirs, self-publishing  the letterpress way can be a cost-effective method to transform your manuscript from the ordinary into a keepsake–and do it within a budget.

Creating your heirloom book is no longer beyond your reach.  Call me for a one-on-one consultation and a free quote. You owe it to yourself to explore all available publishing options. 

I am dedicated to helping people with limited financial resources to have their dream book done in hot metal and printed letterpress. By working with me, you keep all rights to your book, you enjoy total control over every aspect of marketing and you keep all your profits.

I can help you create the keepsake book you dream of publishing.

Some of the authors who have had their books typeset, printed and bound by me shared their observations with me and you may find their comments useful. So have a look at what they wrote before deciding whether letterpress printing makes sense for you.

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