Affordable letterpress book publishing

From Hot Metal to Cool Books

Discouraged about never publishing your book?  Don’t give up.  There are [letterpress] options you may not yet have explored.

Letterpress book self-publishing now may be the most effective way to transform your manuscript from the ordinary into a keepsake. Call me for a one-on-one consultation and a free quote.

Here in our old-fashioned printing shop, we offer a range of editorial and publishing services to make the process of getting your book published as easy as possible:

  • Help with editing your manuscript.
  • Ghost writing, when needed.
  • Design recommendations.
  • Binding advice.

Frustrated with people telling me that while they dream of publishing their books with letterpress printing, they can’t afford to do so.  I figured there had to be ways to make the process more affordable so that people with limited resources could have their dream book done in hot metal and printed letterpress.  I set about to develop ways to streamline the entire typesetting/printing/binding process and, as a result, I have been able to print affordable letterpress books for people across the United States. You might call my shop a Kindle-free zone!

Letterpress books a step above the crowd

So today you can energize your book from a ho-hum, just-another-print-on-demand look-alike into something worthy of all the work you put into writing it! For the right author and the right book, among the easiest, most cost efficient ways to do so is to have your book typeset, printed and hand bound by a company that specializes in limited-edition, letterpress-printed books and pamphlets. Are letterpress-printed books for every author? Far from it, but for the discriminating writer who wants his or her book to exude a refined, quiet elegance, there is nothing like Letterpress that can do it so classically and affordably.


With my collection of handset type, Linotype and Ludlow typecasting equipment and platen and cylinder presses and my in-house book binding service, together we can take your dream from manuscript to finished book all under one roof.  Contact me if you would like to receive more information about the letterpress options available and how we can work together to craft the book you’ve always dreamed of publishing.

What some say about their letterpress books

Some of the authors who have had their books typeset, printed and bound by me shared their observations with me and you may find their comments useful. So have a look at what they wrote before deciding whether letterpress printing makes sense for you.

 Please contact me if you would like more information about the letterpress options available and about how we can work together to craft the book you always dreamed of publishing.  You can be an independent publisher and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your book(s) become reality.  When working with me so you don’t sign away your rights, you enjoy total control over every aspect of marketing and you keep all your profits.   That’s just part of the streamlined process I have created to make letterpress books affordable.